Flush doors harmonise with any interior design.

Flush doors are becoming increasingly popular with builders and architects.

This innovative design isn’t just for homeowners; businesses also appreciate that the exclusive manufacture and appearance of flush doors can enhance their premises. The frameless construction is guaranteed to catch the eye of every resident, guest or employee with its unusual look, clean lines and sophisticated design. As the name suggests, flush doors blend into the wall thanks to flush elements such as the frame. For each individual door, our main focus is on flawless finishing edges and minimal shadow gaps. There is also another benefit to the lack of protruding edges: Dirt can’t gather on flush door frames, saving on time-consuming dusting and leaving more time to enjoy the nice things in life!

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The high-quality appearance is about more than just the construction

The wide range of door surface decors available mean that you can create the door you have in mind and that suits your interior style. Varnish, real wood veneer or laminate – further variations in colour, texture and shape are available for each of these materials.
Our systems make every fitting go smoothly. Clicking the frame profile into a plaster net, avoids the otherwise problematic connection between masonry and door and eliminates the risk of hairline cracks. Plus, all components are delivered ready for installation, so that only a few simple steps are required on site to fit the door.

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Our product range:

Rahmenlose Zarge

Frameless frame

The basis of an unbeatable look

The hidden frame system opens up new possibilities for interior design. Becoming part of the wall transforms flush doors into an unmistakable design element that enhances any modern interior design. Clean lines and timeless elegance make flush doors the highlight of your living concept.


Lining frame

Modern design element

Our lining frames give a perfect shadow gap for your flush door. Normally, visible joints between the door and the wall make the individual components appear separate from each other. With our lining frames, all elements combine to form a flowing and harmonious unit.

Rahmenlose Blockzarge

Frameless block frame

Tradition meets modernity

Like all our frames, block frames are extremely high-quality, durable and traditional design elements. Our systems are perfect for lovers of purist and minimalist architecture. Block frames are not only suitable for the commercial sector but can also make for a more beautiful home.

You will find everything you need to know about our flush frames in our brochure