Frameless frames

Frameless frames lay the foundations for the unbeatable look of flush doors.

The aluminium profiles for making flush doors are used in both solid and drywall construction. The different types are always manufactured according to your specifications and individual requirements and offer perfect finishing edges as well as minimal shadow gaps. Once the dimensions of height, width, door leaf thickness, number and type of hinges and strike plate have been specified, the frame is cut to length and milled, all accessories are added, and the door is wrapped in protective film for delivery. The components supplied make it possible to assemble the profiles quickly and accurately and to fit them into the wall reveal. The frames are always installed in the shell. The plaster mesh that clicks into the frame profile creates the perfect plaster and drywall interface between the door frame and the masonry, preventing annoying hairline cracks and making unsightly acrylic joints a thing of the past. Finally, screwable corner connectors and spacer rails ensure perfect spacing and the screw-in mounting brackets firmly connect the frame to the building structure. Once plastering work is complete, the door is installed.

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Discover the surface design options for your door.

You have free rein when it comes to designing your door, because working with accomplished partners in our industry lets us offer you real wood surfaces, naturally varnished doors and laminate surfaces as decor. Come to our showroom in Berg im Gau and find your favourite materials and colours. We will also be happy to accommodate your individual wishes.

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We only use selected materials for our frames.

The door profiles are made of raw and untreated aluminium alloy. It is very strong, corrosion-resistant and suitable as a construction material for high surface requirements. However, if the surrounding cement and its derivatives come into contact with moisture, alkaline substances may be formed, which can lead to corrosion. Priming and painting the profile in the wall colour on site helps to prevent this. Profiles must always be kept away from cement, glue and joint material. As aluminium is not resistant to all chemical compounds, avoiding contact with hydrogen chloride and phosphoric acid is absolutely essential. To avoid damage, check the ingredients of the cleaning agent when cleaning stones, ceramics and similar surfaces.

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Modell Q-I1 50

Frameless frame for door opening into the reveal

Modell Q – NG

Frameless frame for glass door

Product no. 10160
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Modell T-I 50

Frameless frame for door opening into the reveal

Modell X-I 40

Frameless frame for door opening into the reveal