Model C70

The aluminium rail for tiles and clinker bricks

Our aluminium profiles for flush skirting boards are used in both solid and drywall constructions. The special design enables a perfect visual transition between skirting board and plaster that satisfies even the highest standards for design. The design also avoids direct contact between floor, masonry and skirting boards, so no impact sound is transmitted. Enjoy the peace! In addition to standard wall installation, the profiles can also be installed on stairs and curves. Our profiles and matching flush skirting boards create a harmonious overall appearance throughout your home. To ensure that the mouldings suit your taste and harmonise with your interior decor style, a wide range of materials with a maximum thickness of 12 mm can be attached to the flush-mounted profiles to make skirting boards. Our range covers anything from tiles and natural stone to ceramics. Our skirting board with integrated backlight is a special highlight. This design gives you even greater flexibility, as well as indirect lighting to create a cosy atmosphere in your home. 

The flush-mounted profiles of the Light series are made of raw and untreated aluminium alloy. It is very strong, corrosion-resistant and suitable as a construction material for high surface requirements. However, if the surrounding cement and its derivatives come into contact with moisture, alkaline substances may be formed, which could lead to corrosion. Priming and painting the profile in the wall colour on site helps to prevent this. As aluminium is not resistant to all chemical compounds, avoiding contact with hydrogen chloride and phosphoric acid is absolutely essential. To avoid damage, check the ingredients of the cleaning agent when cleaning stones, ceramics and similar surfaces. However, since flush-mounted profiles are not directly visible, this has no influence on the quality of installed profiles. 

We supply the profiles pre-drilled and wrapped in protective film. They come in 2-metre lengths and varying dimensions according to the desired final height of the skirting boards. With its internal and external connectors, the patented plug-in system enables quick and accurate installation. This can be done with or without a subfloor and is carried out before the plastering work. After completion, the visible skirting boards you have chosen are attached.

Wandbündige Sockelleiste Aluminiumschiene

We manufacture skirting boards in the same decor as your doors for all-round harmonious design.

As with the doors themselves, individual design is also extremely important for the skirting boards. With the help of our experienced partners, we can offer you a wide variety of decors in the skirting area. Real wood, lacquered wood or laminate surface – you are guaranteed to find your favourite material and colour in our showroom in Berg im Gau. We will also be happy to accommodate your individual wishes.

Wandbündige Sockelleiste Modell C 70

Model C70 profiles for solid construction

Model C70 profiles for drywall construction