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flush skirting boards

Flush skirting boards combine aesthetics with unsurpassed quality.

Flush systems are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their impressive visual effect. Unlike conventional skirting boards, the flush alternative creates a flowing transition between floor and wall. This transforms an essential component into an attractive design element with an inviting appearance. An increased sense of space is not the only advantage. Architects and interior designers often dislike conventional protruding skirting boards, as they create an unsettled look that is particularly noticeable in corners. Compared with classic systems, flush versions have a smooth and harmonious surface. Owner or architect, our range of skirtings gives you greater freedom of design. A wide range of materials is available: From oak, maple, ash or unusual types of wood such as wenge and checker to aluminium and stainless-steel laminates. We even have mouldings with personalised engraving in heights from 45 mm to 120 mm. We offer maximum individuality.

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Good design and exceptional ambience – the right choice!

These innovative skirting boards aren’t just about appearance, but also functionality. For example, their design allows sliding doors to run closer to the wall and furniture to be positioned directly against the wall. This reduces unsightly gaps, improving the look of your rooms and giving you new living space.

The flush design also eliminates the need to clean an extra surface. This saves you the hard work of dusting and the uncomfortable and unhealthy posture necessary for cleaning. Dusting also often leaves annoying wipe marks on the walls – these too become a thing of the past!

The footfall sound insulation of the material enhances the comfort factor and ensures peace and quiet throughout your home. There are no contact points between skirting board, masonry and floor to transmit floor vibrations that result in noise. Sit back and enjoy the silence!

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Our product range:

Wandbündige Sockelleisten Modell Light

Model Light

Aluminium profiles for wooden skirting boards

With clear lines and a seamless transition between skirting board and plaster, flush profiles create an attractive appearance in the latest design. The special construction method means that there is no direct contact between floor, skirting board and masonry so footfall sound isn’t transmitted. The Light model is suitable for visible elements up to a thickness of 9 millimetres and is available in different materials.

Wandbündige Sockelleisten Modell C70

Model C70

Aluminium rail for tiles/clinker

This model creates a flush transition between floor and wall even in tiled bathrooms and combined kitchen-living rooms. The C70 profiles are ideal for rooms with fitted tiles, natural stone or ceramic up to a thickness of 12 millimetres.

Wandbündige Sockelleisten Modell Z

Model Z

Plafix profile for drywall construction

In large-scale projects, costs and easy assembly of the individual components play an important role and are the main focus for the building owner and architect. The Z-profile was developed especially for drywall construction and comes in an impressive range of materials. It forms a unit with the plasterboard and the flush skirting board system.

Wandbündige Sockelleisten Zubehör


The innovative plug system

The accessories for the Light and C70 models guarantee straightforward, quick and professional mounting. Our patented plug-in system eliminates the need for time-consuming mitre cuts. This even makes it easy to create flush skirtings for steps, landings or even curves. You will find the right accessories for your project in our product range!